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Stephen Richards’

Riding the Tiger

Dismount the tiger of life safely!

The Law of Attraction film no one would dare make … until now!!! A new film is coming. “Riding The Tiger”, written by bestselling mind power author Stephen Richards, is a classic tale of ruin and redemption with a psychological twist.

“Ch'i 'hu nan hsia pei” goes the Chinese proverb, translated in 1875 as: “He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.” The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs interprets the old Asian metaphor as: “Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end.”

Riding the Tiger is a film about being careful what you wish for, as well as helping you change your life for the better.

Whether in daily life or in battle, a course is chosen. A tactic is sought. The trail must contain numerous outlets. The stratagem must have emergency plans. More notably, we must be willing to take the deviating paths. Otherwise the confines of choices will ensnare us. If your mind is not opened to other possibilities, or your ego will not permit you to let go of one way and accept another, the limitation may kill you.

Life, at times, seems to eat us alive. We may take on more and more until we are filled to capacity and out of action. Worse yet, we may start down a path only to find we are ensnared by our wants, desires or narrow-mindedness.

Yet though the trap is of our own making, we can decline to stop or escape. The title, status or personality we have built may be choking us, but we refuse to surrender it. The procedure we are using may be unsuccessful, but we have dedicated our lives to learning the method and decline to change. We choose to select no other path even though the one we are on is wiping us out. By declining to choose, we have chosen to continue.

Another take on the "riding the tiger" quote is: The tiger is a noble, fierce and daring symbol and it represents the answers which are hidden in you, the saying means once you seek the path of enlightenment you are forever changed and will not get off your journey. However, when riding the tiger of life, the moment of greatest fear and danger is in jumping from its back.

On the tiger's back, in spite of the fear experienced, one is out of reach of the claws and jaws at least ... it is, however, inevitable that one in this situation must at some point make the leap...risk it all to free oneself from the constant threat ... it is that leap that will most greatly test the courage.

The riddle of living a better life is the staying power and the prudence to see the steps ahead. Wide of the mark associations, drugs, dire business deals, and numerous other choices may ensnare us, making us a prisoner of our own keeping.

It is a tiger that, once mounted, will turn out to be angry. We fear when we alight we will face its fangs. Still, we must have the guts to get off and escape shocking decisions of the past. Some are unhappy in their jobs. Some are fed-up with lack of achievement. Some lack hope and feel ensnared by life. Have courage, face the tiger and be free.


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