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Stephen Richards’

Riding the Tiger

Dismount the tiger of life safely!

Riding The Tiger film by Stephen Richards - Synopsis:

In the midst of the crime underworld, a hard young man’s life is in turmoil. Drowning in waves of violence, drugs and sex, his existence is unravelling at a fast rate of knots. A chance meeting with a mercurial self-help guru gives our lead the kick he needs to clean up his act and get out of the game alive. As he is heaved from the underworld by scruff of his neck, a new question shoulder barges its way to the forefront of the young man's mind, "Is all this too good to be true?"

A rough elucidation of the proverb would be: "Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end'' .

A man can be sad to be riding a tiger when he is forced to go on doing what he is doing because of what may happen when he stops.

Or in plain speak, it is easy to get on the Tiger but very difficult to get off without incurring danger to oneself.

A whole industry has been built on the hard man genre of film. However, many have failed to address the real issues behind what makes a man do what he does in terms of gross acts of violence or nefarious behaviour when he becomes involved in the depths of the crime world.

Almost all people who commit crime sooner or later terminate offending. However, many people who want to stop face abundant obstacles to rejoining mainstream society.

The long shadow of the underworld casts a gripping hold over anyone who dares to enter it, this is a story about someone who dared to leave it!

Along with violence comes power and control, but this power and control inevitably leads to self-destruction! No one wants to be the victim of what life throws at them, so by becoming the perpetrator they are playing a role that is expected of them from their peers.

Being a hard man within crime circles means that no mercy can be shown, yet within the act of violence is a character playing the role of hard man … just as in this film. Soon one can find themselves trapped within that whole hard man persona! How does one get out of that whole culture that prevails?

When one seeks a reputation and to be known as a hard man it is very difficult to leave all of that behind without some sort of payback from the very people you once knew as friends and associates. That is how difficult it is to dismount the tiger without it biting you!

The script comes from Stephen Richards, the international best selling author of over 80 books. Leaving the true crime genre in 2005, Stephen changed viewpoints within the crime genre, instead focusing on the victims and their ordeals. From here began Stephen’s journey into human psychology, ultimately leading to the writing of a myriad of self-improvement books and the leading of seminars across the globe.