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Stephen Richards’

Riding the Tiger

Dismount the tiger of life safely!

CONTROVERSIAL DVD OUT NOW The DVD documentary that got its director, Stephen Richards, of the original video jailed reveals the real story of UK's toughest prisoner Charles Bronson. What makes him tick ...and explode? Charles Bronson has spent over three decades behind bars in the British prison system. Even though he is everyone's favourite con, a gifted and talented writer, artist, poet and a philanthropist to many worthy causes, he has a history of hostage taking and violence behind bars that sets him apart from all other prisoners in the UK! Originally released in video format it had CCTV footage of Charles Bronson being attacked by prisoner officers in one of Her Majesty's Prisons. Jack Straw the then Home Secretary took Stephen Richards to court. The court was rather biased, as you can imagine, and Stephen was sentenced to two weeks behind bars and landed with GBP64,000 court costs!

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Riding The Tiger film by Stephen Richards - Synopsis:

In the midst of the crime underworld, a hard young man’s life is in turmoil. Drowning in waves of violence, drugs and sex, his existence is unravelling at a fast rate of knots. A chance meeting with a mercurial self-help guru gives our lead the kick he needs to clean up his act and get out of the game alive. As he is heaved from the underworld by scruff of his neck, a new question shoulder barges its way to the forefront of the young man's mind, "Is all this too good to be true?"

A rough elucidation of the proverb would be: "Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end'' .

A man can be sad to be riding a tiger when he is forced to go on doing what he is doing because of what may happen when he stops.

Or in plain speak, it is easy to get on the Tiger but very difficult to get off without incurring danger to oneself.

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