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Stephen Richards’

Riding the Tiger

Dismount the tiger of life safely!

Riding The Tiger film by Stephen Richards - Characters

The script comes from Stephen Richards, the international best selling author of over 80 books. Leaving the true crime genre in 2005, Stephen changed viewpoints within the crime genre, instead focusing on the victims and their ordeals. From here began Stephen’s journey into human psychology, ultimately leading to the writing of a myriad of self-improvement books and the leading of seminars across the globe.

The Law of Attraction film no one would dare make … until now!!!

A rough elucidation of the proverb would be: "Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end'' .

A man can be sad to be riding a tiger when he is forced to go on doing what he is doing because of what may happen when he stops.

Or in plain speak, it is easy to get on the Tiger but very difficult to get off without incurring danger to oneself.

Inspector Selina Tucker (played by Marysia S Peres) - Quite stunning to look at, makes you wonder why she never took up modelling or something far more creative, but her background is steeped in law and order so it was a natural progression for her to fall into such a job as policing. However, she has a penchant for danger and is an adrenaline junkie and likes taking risks. Seemingly the bane of Mr Big’s crime life, Selina is not all what she seems! A few surprises in store here!!!

Central characters:

Crispin (played by Jason Newell) - On initially learning of his name, Crispin looks more menacing than his name suggests and is able to handle himself, yet his size in comparison to his counterparts is diminutive. He was born with a defect … his body produces lots and lots of testosterone and this makes him super quick and his reactions are what makes him stand out. One thing though, he has to spend a lot of time grounding and dispersing his excess energy.

Through the film he goes through a whole gambit of emotions: anger, pain, distrust - in fact it’s tears and tantrums until he has some sort of resolution within himself. Throughout the film he has what seem to be imaginary conversations inside of his head with the Mentor - are these real or is he going mad? Although not massively built and not overly tall, he doesn’t have the muscle stack many of his broody counterparts in the film have, yet none of this matters … as you will find out!

The Mentor (Played by ? - Name withheld) - We never really get to see his face completely, yet he’s one of the mainstays in the film. He appears in cutaway scenes that seem to show what’s going on in Crispin’s head. Plenty of bright backlit scenes keep the Mentor’s identity from us. Inside of his head, Crispin is in conversation with the Mentor. The Mentor guides Crispin to become a better person, even admonishing him and even nearly killing him, too! Is the Mentor real or not? We do not find out if he is real until the end of the film.

Mr Big (character’s name is Don Slayer but most call him”Mr Big” - (played by James Hagri) - He’s a real throwback to the old school gangster!!!!! Takes no nonsense and when he speaks, everyone takes notice. A calm talking man with potential for the most gross and gory acts of violence! He doesn’t need to flaunt big muscles because he just employs them instead. He flexes his brain and has some big contacts in the film, pop and financial world! Oh, and cross him and you’re dead!

Lee Duff (played by James Knott) - Lee is a soft faced man in his 20s, tall with long hair that is slicked back and makes him look more like a 60s pop star than anything else. However, unlike Crispin, his looks belie what simmers beneath!!!!!!!! In fact he is a cold-blooded and heartless man ... yet he seems to have found a place in his heart for his new friend Crispin. After meeting our central lead character in a gym (Lee), he takes Crispin under his experienced wing and introduces him to a Mr Big (Don Slayer) of the underworld.

As the film moves on, Crispin makes it clear he wants to leave the gangster lifestyle he's been indoctrinated into, but Mr Big (Don Slayer) won't slacken his grip on him and tells him the only way he's leaving is in a wooden box!

However, Mr Big worries about Crispin in what he knows and tells Lee to kill him! Lee, the ever cold-blooded underworld hardman, takes his instructions seriously and he contacts Crispin for a meeting!

What ensues is a whole lot of psychological mind play and entanglements that keep the viewer on the edge of their seats.