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Stephen Richards’

Riding the Tiger

Dismount the tiger of life safely!

Riding The Tiger film by Stephen Richards - Peripheral Characters

The script comes from Stephen Richards, the international best selling author of over 80 books. Leaving the true crime genre in 2005, Stephen changed viewpoints within the crime genre, instead focusing on the victims and their ordeals. From here began Stephen’s journey into human psychology, ultimately leading to the writing of a myriad of self-improvement books and the leading of seminars across the globe.

A rough elucidation of the proverb would be: "Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end'' .

A man can be sad to be riding a tiger when he is forced to go on doing what he is doing because of what may happen when he stops.

Or in plain speak, it is easy to get on the Tiger but very difficult to get off without incurring danger to oneself.

This is a "careful what you wish for" type of film.

Peripheral characters:

DJ the pimp (played by John Sanchez) - The importer of sexual pleasures. DJ runs a harem of girls for male and female pleasures. He’s been in this seedy business for many years and has seen more Mr Bigs come and go than he cares to even remember. Very laid back and so full of one liners that can cut anyone down to size in seconds that he doesn’t need huge biceps to get away with living on the edge!

Violeta (played by Mariana Toma) - The girlfriend (to central lead character) comes into Crispin's life in an accidental way (as seems to be the way in synchronistic happenings). Even though she cannot speak English, the love of Violeta has an amazing, life-changing impact on Crispin in more ways than one. Some great action scenes and one in particular where Violeta does some fancy stunt driving! Oh .. and does the lead character get his woman? Hmmm ... you just have to watch the film and see!

Chris Cox played by Jackie Crouchman started out loan sharking and has worked her way up to the pinnacle of the crime underworld in her chosen genre. In her own world she is equally as notorious as her opposite number of Don Slayer, except she’s got a heart! In her own right, she is as legendary a gangster as Al Capone and has equally brutal ways to make some of the most notorious male gangsters look like trainees. She’s the leader of her own mini empire and unlike Don Slayer, she’s never been on any murder charges, but perhaps due to her being that little bit savvier in what she does. In fact, she could even use Don Slayer as a keyring ornament if she wanted to!

Melyvn Barnes is playing the character Tony Veech in the Law of Attraction film Riding the Tiger - This is the right-hand man of underworld figure Don Slayer, a real gritty character from the old-school underworld fraternity where a handshake was accompanied by a slap around the face. Very in-depth character and loyal as a family pet, even to the point of murdering with no questions asked!

The servant to Mentor - There are some great action scenes in the film of his ability and role. One great role of allowing the main character to be re-born in a traumatic scene.

Bull played by Mark Sehman - A giant of a man who plays the role of Bull, named due to his size and ability. One of the henchmen to Don Slayer (Mr Big). Even with his size he is still fit and able to do the actions required from his boss.